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Why First$trike?




Avoid the costs associated with a full time sales and direct marketing group including recruiting fees, benefits, workman’s compensation, and office expenses. First$trike will manage all aspects of lead generation and the sales process on a contract basis that is primarily incentive based.


Hiring qualified people and settling them can be a lengthily process. First$trike provides people experienced in learning new products and helps you retain an address and working space. We provide your company with an immediate presence in the United States.


Will the person you hire be experienced and competent enough to work with your product, your organization, and without local supervision? If they can’t it could be devastating to your company’s plans. Will they be able to navigate the cultural issues that can so often get in the way? First$trike has done this before, many times, and with Israeli companies. Because of this your risk is much lower.

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Sales Consulting For Israeli Companies
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