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ACQUIRED: Noobaa delivers a new architecture for unstructured-data storage that establishes an agile, scalable storage service across any compute resource in your data center or public cloud, including heterogeneous and even shared resources. Advanced metadata and machine-learning concepts are used to orchestrate data-placement for best resilience, QOS, security, and economics while reducing administrative complexity and lifecycle costs.paragraph. 

ACQUIRED: Xpandion is the leading provider of ERP identity access management and usage inspection solutions, delivering unprecedented real-time visibility into management systems, significantly improving security, optimizing licensing usage, and enabling SoD/GRC/SOX compliance. Our website is Xpandion has over 100 customers worldwide, without any outside investment, attesting to the quality of their overall offering.

ONGOING: Semperis is a provider of Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions, addressing the challenges surrounding the operation of Active Directory® in Hybrid IT environments. Semperis solutions help enterprises mitigate risks resulting from system failures and cyber security breaches; meet regulation compliance demands and enforce organizational SLAs. 

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ONGOING: Faddom was built on the principle of collecting all IT infrastructure information that is possible to collect without being intrusive with agents and without doing anything active that can impact performance such as accessing servers or scanning.


ONGOING: At DataYoga, we started by offering data architecture consulting and bespoke engineering solutions, led by a team with a rich history in startups, focused on innovative and practical results. Our journey into cloud migration highlighted a common issue: the challenging migration of on-premise ETL pipelines filled with crucial business logic. In response, we created the DataYoga Migrator. Originally a supplementary tool, it has become essential, known for its robust automation—over 90%—and its ability to provide swift, reliable, and adaptive migration solutions that evolve with our clients’ needs.

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