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A typical enterprise sales cycle resulting in a purchase of over $150,000 can take anywhere from nine to twelve months depending when the effort begins and the part of the United States the prospect is located in. There also is typically a lead time to generate meaningful prospects to sell to. For most of our clients the following applies relatve to timeframes and objectives.


  • The initial 30 days period is to learn the client's solutions, learn about your team, co-workers, and any business partner alliances, meet with existing clients and start to build trust & confidence internally and externally. A key objective is to understand the optimal demographics of a good user of the technology from a company size, company location, and industry perspective. This will allow us to focus where "the grass is greenest".


  • The overall objective for first 60 days is to continue working on the above, begin relationship building with existing clients and new prospects, close any old pipeline and develop new client contacts.  The focus for this second 30 day period is on hunting for new business.


  • The overall objective for first 90 days is to have a strong understanding of the company’s offerings, penetrate new areas within existing clients, grow the business by establishing new prospects, go wide & deep using existing rolodex and calls made to improve the pipeline.  Establish the planning process as an ongoing method. 


  • By the end of six months there should be a repeatable process for generating new business opportunities that can be exrcuted by a lower cost resource than First$trike. There should be several prospects in the process of executing a POC and several others about to begin.


  • Somewhere between nine and twelve months the first significant purchase by a large enterprise should occur with a substantial number of others forecasted for the upcoming months. It is at this time that we typically start looking into permanent resources. First$trike will assist in the hiring process.


Ensuring Success For  Israeli Startups & Technology Buyers


"In one word : Superman. A good sales guy doesn't sell you - he communicates with you and builds relationships and that's exactly what John has done here at Correlsense. John is an expert of how to work in a multicultural environment and with his 30 years of experience, he makes both customers and co-workers fall in love with him. Incredibly smart guy who I am fortunate to work with."
Elad Katav
COO at Correlsense
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