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First$trike works with Israeli enterprise software firms in successfully identifying, managing and successfully executing sales processes that build firm customer relationships resulting in repeatable business.  Our experience includes initial sales efforts for companies as large as Oracle and firms as small as three people, many resulting in successful exits like Kintana/Mercury Interactive. We put those skills to work for by delivering revenue where and when you need it as well as a sales process to standardize on as you bring on permanent resources. Our engagements average 12-18 months. 



Research at First$trike means understanding where the business is and the most cost effective way to acquire it. The best barometer for future success is past experience so we spend time immediately looking at your historical data to capture trends in company location, size, and industry.



Once we have a good idea who we are targeting we quickly identify a methodology for generating activity with similar companies in as small a geographic area as possible. The less travel we have between appointments the lower the travel costs and the more prospects we can manage in paralell.



Together we map out what constitutes success for the 12-18 month engagement. That may be determined by funding requirements but more likely by the bandwidth of everyone involved. Results are strictly defined as making the revenue targets because without it there is no real success.

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