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Our Client Selection Process

How It Protects Our US Based Enterprise Customers

FirstStrike is extremely selective around engaging with clients. Our over thirty years in the software industry tells us that many startups fail, for a variety of reasons. In a typical year, we start with at least thirty companies that we review, hopefully resulting in 2-4 clients. 


We utilize all our experience and contacts to vet these companies. The goal is to, as much as humanly possible, to remove the risk for both the enterprise customer and FirstStrike. An important element is engaging experts that we know and trust to provide unbiased feedback.


At a high level, our evaluation methodology is anchored by identifying the business benefit provided either by reducing risk or enhancing growth. Equally important is speaking with users to confirm that the product works as advertised and is easily implemented. The objective is an unbiased assessment of the overall quality of the people, process, and products of the vendor.


Selection Process Task List



  • Review background of potential client founders

  • Review investors and their commitment

  • Meet all company founders in Israel and assess how well they work together

  • Review turnover of staff over life of company



  • Ensure commitment to staffing USA for support

  • Inspect implementation methodology

  • Review product roadmap and product management philosophy



  • Speak with several customers

  • Speak with analysts

  • Have product presented to several industry experts/past associates



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